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Throughout my childhood I suffered from painful stomach aches and I didn’t understand why it was happening. I never contemplated the real root of the problem. Years later, I realized the pain was stemming from the constant unhealthy food I was consuming which consisted of fast food and processed foods.

I became a vegetarian then a vegan and noticed a phenomenal, positive change in my health. However, making the transition into a vegan way of eating was not easy. Other than not being able to find flavorful recipes that didn’t suit my Mexican taste buds, I didn’t like the approach of how this new way of eating was presented and I couldn’t relate to many of the influencers who were living this vegan lifestyle — there is a huge cultural gap and different type of upbringing.

Now, I’ve come to realize the food I consume is only a portion of my well-being. Becoming vegan detoxed my physical health but I also had to detox my mind. The ultimate way of being healthy is a conscious way of living and I’ve done so starting on the plate and worked my way to the mind and inspire others to do the same.




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